The ABJ Show

This is The Famed. Groebe is singing and Mr. Dude* is playing the drums. He was SO happy! He is always smiling this big doofy grin. Kinda silly.

National Fire Theory opened, then The Famed, Stuck on Broadway, and Anything But Joey. Stuck on Broadway kinda stunk. Drew was drunker than he should have been. That also effected Anything But Joey (since he plays bass for them). Ah, but it was fun. The Famed was pretty good. They had thier opening and then when they played they had these red lights on and all of a sudden, nothing. They blew a fuse! How funny.

*not his actual name


hockeyfrog said...

Mr. Dude = Wes Keely :D

The Math Ninja said...

Thanks! I figure you'd know. Although, Mr. Dude is a pretty groove name too!