Stained Glass Crest

I've been rather occupied lately. There's been work and work and visits and food and sewing and stained glass and lawn mowing... you get the idea, stuff.

But, last night I spent a good amount of time on my current stained glass project, a family crest. I worked on the pattern a while ago, got it OKed by the project initiators and then cut it out.

My mom brought up these groovy pattern shears meant for cutting out patterns. They have a middle piece that cuts out a thin strip. So I used them and they are really groovy. It's not a lie!

There are about 150 pieces to the design. Last night I cut out almost all of the blue pieces. It's so much fun to do stained glass. It's like making a puzzle and putting it together. Absolutely wonderful.


Tuba Queen said...

That is so cool! Mom and Charles want to learn it too. How FUN. I like that Blue. Its pretty.

Irene said...

Yes it is going to be beautiful. And Jay is right, Charles is going to take classes with me. Is that cool or what!!!