Crafty Weekend

It wasn't incredibly crafty, but I did to some crafting this weekend. Namely, I cut/grinded almost all of the pieces for my current stained glass project. Now, I have to do the background and then fine tune it so all the pieces fit nicely together. Then, it's off to black-backed foil tape and my solder. This will be my first patina project. So, I'm thinking it best to do a trial run before I do the real thing. We'll show picks of the tests.

I also stitched a little. I decided to make me some pants. Those are coming along OK. I need to fix the waistband so it doesn't look like I have lumpy hips, because I don't (or at least not as lumpy as the pants make me look). I also worked on Rhonda's dress and Jayme's dress.

Good times. I even got around to bruising my knee at hockey yesterday, taking a 3 hour nap, eating sushi, working on syllabus and the such.

"OH, working on syllabus?" you say. Yes. I am going to be a part time instructor at Tulsa Community College. I'm teaching 2 statistics courses. :)


Tuba Queen said...

Yeah and its freaking awesome that you are doing that teaching!!!!!!!

Irene said...

The stained glass looks really good nik. You are so crafty