The End of the Wallpaper

It's gone. All of the wallpaper attached to walls in our house is gone. Be it attached by wallpaper glue, really strong wallpaper glue, super glue, Elmer's glue, or caulk, it is gone. Yes you read right, we believe that all of the mediums listed above were used to attach wallpaper to our house.

Half bath: wall paper glue, pretty strong stuff too.
Master bath: wall paper glue, not to strong.
Kitchen: wallpaper glue and super glue.
Second bath: wall paper glue and Elmer's glue.
Spare bedroom: wall paper glue and caulk.

The worst to deal with was the caulk. It was rubbery and really hard to get off. But if you didn't get if off, then there were these flat lumps in nice little vertical lines with ceiling blobs all over. Gross.

Eventually we beat all of the wallpaper and most of it's glue. Now we have fresh paint in all of the rooms mentioned above. Even the spare room.

We decided to go a little fun. The flat wall is blue, the closet it a darker blue, and the rest of the walls are a tan color. I like it. We plan to hang art in the room, along with keeping it our spare room.

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Irene said...

I have to make a trip down soon. It's been a while since I've been to your house. things have been crazy. I don't think it will be before the wedding, that is just getting too close too fast. what weekend after that works for you guys?