A Cookie for Free

Shannon and I have now been at our new jobs for 92 lunches. Of those 92 lunches, all but 2 have been eaten out. And those 2 that were ate here, were catered by Pei Wei and Hideaway Pizza, so no brown-bags.

For the first month we ate somewhere different every day. Then we ran out of places (or so we thought) and started to repeat places we liked. About two months later we were down to only a few restaurants, Panera, Qdoba, Bill & Ruths, Hideaway, and an Groening handful of others.

Then we drove down 11th Street. We found an Arby's and a Rib Crib. Eh. Not anything great, still.

Then we drove a block or two south of our usual on Peoria. We found great. Two places, The Blue Moon Cafe and The Crusty Croissant.

The Blue Moon Cafe is a small joint with some good breads and awesome sides. There is a great atmosphere there and it feels clean.

The Crusty Croissant is another uber-winner. We ate there today and I would go back tomorrow. The croissant tasted great, the fruit was fresh, the loganberry limeade was awesome, the worker was so happy and helpful. It was just a fabulous lunch. After eating I went to get a Snickerdoodle cookie for Shanno and I to split. She gave me two, for no apparent reason. Then she asked if I'd like a to-go drink, at no charge and if my husband would like one too. It was great.


hockeyfrog said...

Blue Moon Cafe, huh? I have to ask, does it have a stage in the back corner that looks a little something like this?


hockeyfrog said...

Hmm. Wait a minute, I think this place was called the Full Moon. Unless they changed names. Or I got it wrong? I have no idea.

I forgot how big Tulsa is though!

The Math Ninja said...

I believe there is a bar on 15th (Cherry) Street called the Full Moon...

But I also didn't get a good look in the back of the place, but I'm gonna guess that there is not a stage here...it's probably the Full Moon...But really. I have no idea.

hockeyfrog said...

I think it was indeed the Full Moon I was thinking off. They didn't have too bad of food during the day if I recall, anyway :)