Applejack Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend Shannon and I visited my mom, Jayme, Charles, and Nikki. We also saw Andy and Rusty while down. It was a nice visit.

On Saturday me, Shannon, Mom, Jayme, Nikki, and Charles went to Applejack Pumpkin Patch near Wichita. It was really fun! It cost 5$ to get it and then pumpkins were 40 cents a pound (65 cents for specialty pumpkins). That is really cheap.

We fed goats, well Nikki fed goats. They also had bunnies, pigs, and llamas. It was cute. The pigs' houses were made to look like a house of straw, a house of sticks, and a house of brick. That was a cute touch.

They had a neat slide that was constantly being used. Nikki went down with Jayme, Mom, and me. Half of the fun was watching the kids come down the slide. Some looked thrilled, some scared. It was quite cute.

They had a milo maze and a corn maze. We went into the milo maze first, for practice. We let Nikki lead us and that ended up with a pile of other people not in our party behind us. No one seemed to care though. It was a good time.

We did a lot of running in the corn maze. We followed Nikki and let her decide which way to turn. We did get lost once, but it's all good. About 60% through the maze, Nikki found the corn (which was all over, she just noticed it at his point). We told her it was corn and then every, oh... about 4 steps she would stop say "More corn" and pick up what should could. Or pull off what she could. Now when you imagine her saying "more corn" make it really cute... more like "Moa corn" with barely any "r". You also may want to imagine it as a question...that's what it somewhat sounded like.

They had a gourd gun, mini-pumpkin sling shot (which Jayme and Nikki did, more Jayme), and this pumpkin cannon. All I had to do was push a button to launch it, but it was awesome. And Mom caught this cool shot of the pumpkin just leaving the cannon.

Nikki may be getting bigger (and growing more hair) but she was still too small for the tricycles they had there. Mom had to help.

Here we are on our way to get pumpkins! I think you know everyone, except Charles maybe. That is him on the right end. He doesn't usually make that face, only for pictures. He's a really great guy. Nikki and Jayme seem to like him quite a bit. :)

Then the pumkins! They had a whole patch of pumpkins already cut off the vine and just laying there on the ground ready to be taken home. It was awesome. There was probably 2 acres of pumpkins (I'm guessing). It was fun to walk around and see all the various pumpkins.

In the end we all found our pumpkins. Everyone got one, including a cute little one for Nikki. It was the smallest orange one we could find with a good stem. She looked adorable carrying it around with her. It was a lot of fun and I'm really glad we went. It was about 30 minutes from Mom's house, but totally worth the drive!

Oh, and I don't have a picture of it, but we got funnel cake and an apple cider slushie. Yep, an apple cider slushie. It tasted a lot like cold apple sauce, but it was good!

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