Pretzel Sandwich

You can't really tell because the picutre is crummy, but that sandwich is on a pretzel roll. It was just a giant soft pretzel with a sandiwch inside. It was good, but not any where near as good as Shannon's Pot Roast Sliders. We at at the Fox & Hound Pub and Grill on Saturday and got some tasty foods. That place is good and we will probably go back.

On Saturday we also went to a Tulsa Oilers game. While the arena is sweet (and I mean, their sushi is actually good, where as if Kansas Colissum had sushi it would be grosser than gross), the team is not as sweet. They play kinda bad. Maybe they just have to get into the groove. We'll see.

Then Sunday we saw Charity (from Japanese classes at K-State) and her new boyfriend Cory and her old boyfriend Steve (also from said classes). We ate at Chili's, which unlike Fox & Hound, isn't very good.

Then, then yesterday, we carved us some pumpkins with the company of Charity. You know what the coolest part is (besides seeing friends in Tulsa...) we got our new camera! So I can post good pictures! You'll just have to wait until I get home.

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