To New Jersey and Back

I went to New Jersey to visit may family about a week ago. It was great fun! Everyone looks really good and seems pretty happy. I finally got to meet my cousin's son, Tommy. He's a pretty cool kid. He's almost 2, and a cutie.

My cousins threw a birthday party for Nicole. That was cute. Half-way though singing to her, she started to "sing" with us.

My grandpa looks good. My cousin Kat is having a baby boy in about 2 months. She looks pregnant, but good.

It was a good time. I have a lot of pictures from it, but my internet connection is quite slow so the pictures are taking forever to upload.


Anonymous said...

Great Pics nick.
please send them to me when you have a chance

Anonymous said...

That was from me Diana I left my name out. SILLY

Irene said...

It was so great to see everyone in Jersey. I got to give my dad a big kiss and get daddy hugs. It was great to have Nicole and Tommy meet.