We played disc golf on Sunday. It was getting dark and I was trying to do the second to last whole (which I suck at). I threw my disc, into a tree. It stayed there, in the tree. Then the rest of the gang threw and Michelle's got stuck in the same tree.
They were up pretty high. We got a stick stuck in the tree too trying to get the discs out. But then Chris (cut hand and all) decided he'd climb the tree and shake the discs out. After much hanging and jumping and shaking and hanging, but no free discs, we resorted to handing Chris sticks to throw while in the tree at the discs. This was kinda awkward* to watch. But eventually they managed to get the discs out.

Needless to say, Michelle and I suffered a penalty then proceeded to do not-our-best on the rest of the hole.

*Awkward is an incredibly dumb looking word.

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