I'm Sew Happy.

Saying that (the post title) reminds me of Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I remember that movie being rather fun. Hmm.

Anyways. I've been sewing a lot, particularly yesterday. I made a 4th of July table cloth. It was inspired by my favorite country, USA, and some stars and stripes fabric I had.

Then I finally finished putting the zipper in Shannon's pants. I had started this about, oh, a long time ago. Now he can wear them and they will stay on. Or so we think.

Keeping to the "Pants!" theme, I took a previously ugly pair of blue corduroys and made them, well, that's debatable. I would say awesomer, but some may say uglier. I suppose there may be other opinions too, but either way, I will actually wear them now. (I put the poo colored stripe in the legs.)

As a dramatically polka-dotted end to "Pants!", I put a fantabulous idea into effect. My favorite jeans are getting weak in the knees. I bought these groovy, purple polka-dot iron on patches and put them on the inside of my pants. Unfortunately, I put one of them on a little too high, but we'll see. Even if I only extended their life by one washing, that's one washing well worth it.


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