Where I've Been

I was gone from my home for 12 days and 11 nights. During that time, I managed to see my parent and parent-in-laws and step-parent-in-law and significant-other-of-parent-in-law. Before I start, I don't have my pictures from Wichita because we forgot to burn them off of Rhonda's computer....

We went to Wichita first to surprise Mom for Mother's Day with a nice dinner at Larkspur. It was nice to see her happy and to spend some time with her. We went shopping too and left Sunday night.

In Garden, we took Rhonda to eat at Pho Ha. It was pretty good. We also got an oil change and watched some distant lightening. We left on Wednesday since no one was nice enough to cover for Michelle a work on Tuesday night.

On the way up, you may have seen, I finished another skein of yarn! I am actually almost done with this third skein now, but I still have a bit left in it.
Look at the Snotvia, it's done.
The other thing is the bottom of the skull and crossbones.

When we finally made it to Colorado, we ate at Johnny Carino's and then went back to Gary and Linda's. Johnny Carino's is an okay Italian restaurant. They do give you free refills of Italian cream or regular Italian sodas though. That is awesome.

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