Sunday Jenette and Chris left because Jenette had to go to work on Monday. No fun. Shannon, Michelle, and I went to Borders and Michelle found her a s'mores cookbook. We actually saw it downtown in Denver, but didn't buy it then. Well, this awesome cookbook inspired us to have a s'mores party. And that we did.

As the photo suggests, these were no ordinary s'mores. We used various chocolates (caramel kisses, andes mints, snickers...), fruit (melon, apple, banana), and some cookies (graham cracker, grasshoppers, fudge stripes). Mmm... It was not only fun, but darn tasty.

Just so those who live nearby know, we have all the leftovers and we will be needing to use them. So, perhaps round 2 of the s'mores-scapades?

Monday we headed to Flat Irons Shopping Town. We walked around for about 5 miles! We got there about 11:30 and stayed until after they closed. 10:00. I got a pair of shoes and 2 tank tops. We ate at P.F. Chang's for dinner with Gary and Shannon got the most amazing shrimp dish ever! It was called Shrimp with Candied Walnuts. It was just that in a creamy lemon sauce with melon. It was so so so good.

Other things worth mentioning from Flat Irons day....

-We found a roaming "handicapped parking" sign.

-We had our lives challenged by a Zip shuttle (free mall transportation) at the crest of this hill. We ran pretty quick then proceeded to feel pretty stupid.

-We walked around 5 miles!!


Irene said...

Yummy looking. the smores sound interesting!

The Math Ninja said...

We'll have to make them in your fire bowl sometime.