Then I....

Thursday was Boulder Day. We went to the new 29th Street Mall. Last time I was there (2 years ago), it was an unused indoor mall. They knocked down all but Macy's and built a street. Now it's an outdoor mall. We ate at this place called Mad Greens. It was really good! They had a bunch of fun salads. I got one with cous cous. Sweet.

We also went to Pearl Street. That is the old school outdoor mall. We got some creme brule ice cream. It was kinda gross because it was soooo sweet. We also got a marvelous chocolate covered caramel apple. It was so so so good! For dinner this day we went back to Longmont and ate at Ichiban.

Ichiban is a rather authentic Japanese restaurant. It's not a sit down restaurant. It's more like Panera. Your order and pay. Then get your food later when it's done. It was pretty good.

Friday we went to downtown Denver. We walked along 16th Street Mall (creative names). Michelle found a good card holder to carry around with her. That was good. I found these awesome sudoku pads! I can keep a small book with 126 sudoku in my bag at all times. Yay!

We didn't have a really long time to look around downtowm. But we did end the day with a MLB game: Colorado Rockies versus Kansas City Royals. Fancy that. It was a surprisingly good time. I'm not a baseball fan, but I enjoyed the game. The Royals wound up winning but only because the Rockies pulled their good pitcher after a strike-out and then the Royals scored their only 5 runs in that inning.

We ate dinner at the game.Shannon and I got hot dogs for dinner. Yes, hot dogs. I know, we never eat them, but these were different.

The one on the left was Tuscan style. It had chili, cheese, and sour cream on it. Maybe something else that I forget. But the one on the right! The great one was Chicago style. It had pickle, tomato, cucumber, mustard, celery salt, and evil peppers (they weren't good, I didn't eat one). It was really hard to eat, but good even being a hot dog. I would probably eat another one of those. Yes, I would definitely eat another one.


Tuba Queen said...

You guys look like you were having alot of fun... we had smores this weekend too. YUM!!!

The Math Ninja said...

A s'mores coincidence huh? Well, I'll be.