Things Made

Many of you who know me, know I like to sew. I like to sew costumes because they are just so fun to design and make.

I wish I had a reason to dress up for Halloween. But I don't. Having hockey practice from 7-8 on Halloween makes it even harder to find a reason to dress up. But this got me thinking about all the fun I've had sewing over the years.

I made pirate costumes this summer.

2 years ago I made Jayme's wedding dress.

4 years ago I made brides' maid dresses for Michelle and I for Jenette and Chris's wedding.

5 years ago I made my wedding dress and the dresses for 5 of my brides maids. (this was pre-digital-camera for Shannon and I, so sorry no pic)

I've made some other stuff and a bunch of little things that didn't take more than a day. But I had forgotten about probably the coolest thing I ever made. When I was a sophomore in Honesdale, I was part of the band and we marched in costume in the Halloween parade. I made the neatest costume my sophomore year. I had taken a pattern my mom had saved and used when I was really young (she can correct me) but I was about 5, and made it much bigger. The result of my efforts was the coolest, most biggest Rainbow Brite costume ever. I am still proud of that costume to this day.

I have this one pic of it on a CD Shannon and I made for our wedding. In it are my old buddies Anna (beatnic) and Liz (cow). Oh, good times.


Irene said...

Fun pictures Nicole. but you forgot the other costumes, the gold renaissance gown, Jayme's Junior prom gown, the black and orange coolest witch costume ever, Not to mention multiple dresses, night gowns, skirts, curtains ohhh I can go on! Yes my daughter is talented. That's right, she's an apple, I'm a tree.

Braveharte said...

Don't forget the fabulous 3-toed Sloth!

dailypiglet said...

hello! i came over from your husband's blob, and you have some mad sewing skills. i am very impressed and i wish you the best of luck with your shop!

i have some math loving family members that might appreciate your work.