Pumpkin Fun

Last night's Game Nite was a special one, Maria and Nic came!

Shannon and I made pizza crusts and I made a pizza sauce and everyone was able to create their own pizza. (Everyone is Shannon, Jenette, Chris, Maria, Nic, and I). The crust was pretty good and the sauce was surprisingly good too. I did use half the honey called for. Anyway...

Ricotta cheese on pizza is good. :)

We then carved up some pumpkins. Maria and Nic had to go to volleyball practice. But the 4 of us stayed and finished. Two years ago we made Home Star Runner pumpkins. See? This year, I tried to find some more cool stencils. Zombie Pumpkin has a lot, but you have to pay for them. A lot of places had pretty lame ones. But I stumbled upon these, Star Wars stencils. Not everyone made one, just Chris and Nic started one. They are pretty neat though.

Here are the finished products. They are Jenette's Evil Fairy, my skull, Shannon's "I eat your Skin" man, and Chris' Storm Trooper.

While we carved, we watched some old movies Jenette and Chris got me last year for my birthday (which is Sunday). We watched all of I Eat Your Skin and part of The Last Man on Earth. I tell you what. Movies used to be really bad.

It was a pretty good time. Holidays are fun times.


hockeyfrog said...

What did you guys use to light them with? Those look really cool. I may have to get some pumpkins this weekend and do some massacring :)

The Math Ninja said...

We used glow sticks. It not only looks neat, its safe too!

Irene said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun. We have to carve a pumpkin for little Nicole. it is her first Halloween!