My Fall Break

On Friday night, Shannon, Chris, Jenette, and I started our trip to Denver around 7:00 pm. On Sunday we had a tournament at the Bladium in Denver. We were going up early to spend some time with Gary and family. We were planning to meet up with our friend Amber in Hays (which I really thought had an "e" in it) and eat at Gella's. We were driving along, it wasn't too late, and Shannon notices that our air bag light is flickering in our dash. Odd. Our "service engine soon" light is always on (except for when we need to service the engine, then it goes off) so I didn't think much of it.

About 5 minutes later, right outside Abeline, I notice our blinker sounds like it's making 2 clicks instead of just 1. It sounded really odd. Now it was beginning to get dark and when I used said blinker, I didn't notice any lights blink on. Hmm...now that we looked for them, we didn't have any lights on outside. Even though they were turned on. Not good for night driving. So we pulled off and made it to a parking lot by Alco in Abeline. As we pulled into the spot, the car died. Geez.

Pop the hood, take a look. The battery is not looking too good.

This was the original battery, one month shy of 7 years. So, in order to get to Denver tonight, we needed a new one. Jenette and I start to walk down to the AutoZone that just happened to be about 1/4 mile away. They closed in about 10 minutes. So while Shannon and Chris took the battery out I told the man there what the symptoms were and we found a new battery for our car. 15 minutes and -70$ later, we were putting a new battery in our car.

After washing our hands in Alco, we purchased some candy, drinks, and men's crew socks. The car started, we were on the road again. For about 90 miles...


Tuba Queen said...

Dude that sux but is good its fixed now. You two are so freaking lucky that autozone was right there.

The Math Ninja said...

oh just wait, the saga will continue!

Big Red Lance said...

Oh, Math Ninja, I'm felt so bad for you guys when Shannon told me about that.

No matter how the saga unfolds, I'm very grateful that it has a happy ending.