O.G. <--silly name

Last night I came home from a long (not so fun) day and work and then found out I was going to Phantom of the Opera at 7:00 for Jenette's birthday. Okay.

So Shann and I went to Cox and finished a platea of BBQ Nacho's (oh so good!). Then we hurried off to the movie theater. They have this nice enterance now. A mix between inside and outside, oddly wall-papered outside walls and holey ply-wood. Kinda spiffy. Then we watched the movie. I didn't really like it. Well, its more the story I don't like. Christine is crazy and selfish and I don't like how she gets her way. Not very fair I think. And there is this scene that is like Flashdance! O.G. (Opera Ghost) and Christine are going through the hidden tunnels and the music is kinda cool, but it is all retro and funny. There were a couple of things like that throughout the movie. And you could tell they were lip-singing (for some reason, my head is trying to tell me that should be lip-syncing, but I don't believe it), kinda funny too. Anyways. Like Shannon, I am glad I watched it. It was my first encounter with the story and the music was very fun at times.

Well, we've got the NFL Draft at 11, the Japanese Festival at 12, and a Koyote game at 7. I also have a lot of work to put inbetween those places and to fill Sunday with. So...I'm off.

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