I must be tired.

We went to the Union to watch some music, Ben Kweller. Pretty good. But I was so tired, I fell asleep during the songs! Oh, I feel bad, but it is kinda funny. So, I told Shann I was tired, he said he'd catch a ride with Nette and Chris, so I came home. In the parking lot, I saw Charity! I gave her my number and may do something with her sometime. We'll see.

Off to bed and quieter sleeping.

Photobucket is ticking me off. It is not showing my pictures...and I've used my Flickr uploads up...argh. I wish I could figure out how to add my blog to Shannon's hello account...

Not to mention our stupid smoke detector's battery is dying...beep....................beep............argh.

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newgen said...

you need to get shannon to add you as a member to his blog, then a link will show up on hello that'll let you post under the settings button