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Today, and last Monday as well, and tomorrow too, were, are SLC's. Monday's went fine. Today's went fine, and I'm sure tomorrow's will go fine as well. No crying so far this time ^_^ And that is exceptionally strange because Beverly and her mom came around for visits, but didn't come to me...not sure why...strange indeed! No complaints though. :)

I did suceed in getting one student to come to PM Academy to read his RC so he can pass. All good grade except that stupid 'F' in Reading Counts! They another student and her mother came, my last scheduled for the day. We talked for about 45 minutes about stuff. It was nice. I like her and her mom, nice people. The coolest part, they had a random kid that the younger son picked up from the skate park. So, if Brian Hulley's parents are looking for him, check with Ashley. :) Kinda funny.

Catching up on my week...not to long of one.

My multicultural issues in teaching class is l-a-m-e. So stupid. Things are said that need not be said. And things are overlooked that need be said. Allow me to illustrate.

Multicultural Highlight Reel: February 22, 2005

Number 1:
After taking a test that was based on Austrialian culture, "The Original Australina Test of Intelligence", the comment was made, "Now we know why kids are not doing well on their exams." No! Bad! Do you think the 7th grade students at JCMS are not meeting AYP because we are not teaching them the material! Bull! (and I am almost mad enough to say the rest!) I work my butt off to teach these kids, the reason they pass the test is because it is a hard test over content that they should not be forced to know. If she would have taught us the content before giving us the "test" then we would have gotten more than 1 of 10 correct! Piss me off...

Number 2:
While discussing our answers to question 9 of "The Chitling Intelligence Test" we recieved the comment "In the black community, they've never watched West Side Story." Wow...what a stereotypical comment. Wow. First of all, there are two right answers. Yes, one may be less correct, but it is not fully wrong. I put (b) one of the gangs in "West Side Story" which is basically true...but she said no it was (c). Which is fine. I don't care about getting the question right or wrong, but what a horrible comment to make! Blacks haven't seen the movie? Geez...

Number 3:
During a discussion on the lack of multicultural opportunites and the abundance of racism at a certain local high school, there were a couple of highlights. The first is another glorious quote. "When zero's onn the clock, we become a segrated country all over again." This is in refernce to how sports create diversity for breif periods of time in the school year. Man, that one hurts. That means that while we are out there doing our thing (thinking of JCMS) we are segregating our students. You know, I almost buy that...wait...wait...I don't. Just because sports do a good job of bringing together Blacks and Whites, does not mean it diversifies. What about all the Asian's and Hispanic's that play basketball and football... ... ... Yeah. And, if you feel America is still a segrated country, well...I don't know what to say. I really don't believe we are.

Number 3.5:
They also complained that a certain high school's administration had clashing ideas about the percent of minorites that participated in sports. Superintendients said 30-40%. Althletic directors said 10-15%, and in "actuality" (from class) there are only 5%. Well, that sounds really bad...and it may be. But, without something to compare it to, its meaningless. What percentage of said school is minorities? Here is what I have found to compare it too...at this high school about 20% enrolled are of minorites. So, the superintendients guess is way high, the athletic directors are pretty close, and the classmate was low. Who was correct? Not sure, but I would guess it is safe to say, athletic directors probablly kow the most about the althetics, so they are probably correct, so the numbers aren't too much off. But this is not "OK"ed by Shanno.

okay...to bed i must go...i am tired...

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