2_12_05 Hockey Turney 012

2_12_05 Hockey Turney 012
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This is a good one. We were at our turny on the 12th. Aaron was...not sure what. Giving the red tape to Ty maybe...?...Anyway.

We got the cot and Chris and Shannon moved it to the balcony. Which is funny for multiple reasons, one it fit and two it was outside!

So Aaron called for a cot (b/c he doesn't know its outside). No one told him not to, so they brought a second one, thinking we are bad the whole time. When Aaron found out, he was POed! I was half asleep, but I still knew he was mad. I think its funny still, but I can see why he was upset. (But funny still)

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Ookami Snow said...

^_^, funny stuff.