Football Season Begins

Well, college started already, and K-State had a good win. And actually, NFL started last night, too. So Football Season is underway! Awesome!

Last weekend, we had a visit from Jenette, Chris, and Cassidy. That was fun. They spent the long weekend with us playing Necromunda, eating sushi, and hanging out.

We watched the K-State game on Saturday. Cassidy and Keagan (as well as the 4 adults) dressed in purple gear. It was quite cute.

We started a new Necromunda campaign, and played 10 games.

We played Wasabi, ate some sushi, ate some Siegi sausages, and split up the Just Between Friends sale clothing.

Keagan plays with her feet lots. She can get them to her mouth now, too. It's pretty cute. Sometimes she is able to roll her self onto her back in the morning and then she just plays with her feet, allowing us to sleep a little longer.

I've been doing Etsy stuff. I have about 1 sale every 2-3 days. Keagan has been getting extra upset at night again. She seems like her gums hurt, or her tummy sometimes. But she's been great still. What a cutie. She's good in her car seat, which makes trips to join Shannon for lunch even better.

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Irene said...

I'm sure she is teething. Her gums and tummy will hurt plus she will get a slight fever. she will start grinding her gums too. Give her cold stuff to chew on. keep a few gel rings in the frig and swap them out when they warm up. Orajel tastes nasty but it will help once it's on. THe faces she will make will be hysterical too. I don't know if it's okay with your doctor but those nets things that hold frozen fruit are great for teething and they taste yummy.