Recent Advances

About 2 weeks ago, all Keagan did was eat, sleep, and dirtying diapers. Then last week she slept a lot less. But she also started smiling more and making all sorts of noises, and holding up her head pretty well.

Well, this week she is back to eating, sleeping, wetting diapers, and dirtying diapers. The wetting diapers is new. They used to all be poopy, but now there are a few just wet ones thrown in the mix.

Perhaps next week she will do less sleep and have some more advances, we will see.

Oh, she also has her tongue out slightly less. It's still out a lot though, like now, she's napping and its peeking out.


Julia said...

The second pic is my new favorite pic of Keagan. So cute!

Irene said...

She is starting to look more and more like Shannon isn't she! she is so precious. I love her.