No. Nice!

Happy Easter! My mom, Jayme, Nikki, Maria, and Matt ate Easter dinner with Shannon, Jenette, Chris, and I at Jenette and Chris's new house (that was a lot of names). We had amazing creamed corn. I like corn, but this is corn I really really like.

We also had a chilly Easter egg hunt where Nikki would get so excited and run and fall and run and fall and run to an egg. Then try to pick it up, but her little gloves made it too hard to pick up the first time. Then when she would finally get it, she would miss her little basket and have to try again.

The other neat thing is my mom and Jayme made the four of us (Shannon, Me, Jenette, and Chris) an all purple Easter basket. You can kinda tell in the picture how fun it is. But it is really neat. It has a bunch of purple candies and purple toys and I heard a rumor that the grass is edible in there. Hmm.

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