It's Metal.

Wednesday night I was playing the Sims2 and I noticed that things weren't really as should be. Instead of telling me what aspirations my sims had, there was this odd error/code looking text, so I decided I would restart the game. During this saving and reopening, I was a horrible blue screen.

My computer was dying.

Shannon stayed up till 4:30am running various diagnostics and trying to save my files while figuring out what was wrong. Turns out my hard drive is on its way out. There are two spots with problems and when my computer tries to access those spots it just stops. On every start-up it needed access, so my computer wouldn't load correctly.

We used it in safe mode for Thursday. That had everything working, just giant sized. We could not change the resolution on the screen, so I had an entire 15.4" monitor size window for chatting. This resolution also made programming for my consulting project rather hard.

Then last night, the safe mode stopped working.

So Shannon took her apart, and looked around. Then decided to reinstall Windows. Maybe that would not use the 2 bad spots and it would work okay. So we had game night, and reinstalled Windows.

Today I type on my reanimated computer. I don't know how long she'll last, with a slowly deteriorating hard drive, but if she can last me two months, until I'm done with my Masters, I'll be satisfied.

I owe a big thanks to Shannon. He spent a lot of time these past two days trying to and succeeding in fixing my computer. He's so great.


Braveharte said...

I presume that it is no longer under warranty? When my hard drive went caput, my brother in law said that every restart tends to kill it a little more. Back-up like crazy. Mine lasted about a week from first errors to unstartable (luckily mine was under warranty).

The Math Ninja said...

Yeah, I don't think it's under any warranty now. But I am all about the back-ups now.

Tuba Queen said...