Keep on Giving

With our arrival to Wichita came, well more good times! Mom, Jayme, Nicole, Maria, and her boyfriend Matt were out taking advantage of some Black Friday sales when we got in. So, when they got home, we had some dinner and then played some games, some Wii game called Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party. Not so surprising. It was great fun, as usual. But we did get tired and then had to go to bed.

Saturday we woke up did some things. One of which was go to Target and get some food for us to eat and for Jayme to cook with. When we got back, Jayme did a lot of cooking, and we eventually did a lot of eating. But before that happened....

It snowed in Wichita too! So what did we do? Put Nicole in a snow suit and took her out to play.

There wasn't much snow, less than an inch, and it was already starting to melt by the time we got out there. But it was great. Nicole ate some snow. Mom and Nicole made a snowman. Nicole ate some snow. Jayme and Maria made snow angels with Nicole. Nicole ate some more snow. It was rather entertaining. See for yourself.

She just laid there and let her mommy move her appendages. It was very cute. Nicole could hardly walk right in the snow suit.

After the snow, we came in and eventually had dinner. Jayme made a cranberry turkey which was injected with some flavor and stuffed with some really sweet cranberry stuffing. She also made sweet potatoes with bananas. It was actually really good. But the best tasting thing was the turkey salad. She used left over turkey from real Thanksgiving and made this awesome tarragon turkey salad. It was very very good.

Eventually, we let our tummies settle and then had some dessert. Jayme (that little cook) made pumpkin pie from scratch, a chocolate filled chocolate cake, a blueberry cheesecake, and some amazing cranberry apples. They apples were the best dessert. They tasted great.

It was a good time. Saturday we played some games with Mom. Then Sunday we took some pictures for Mom of her three girls. We haven't done that since I was about 9. We eventually came home, with Maria packed in the back seat. Now there are two weeks and finals left of school. It's exciting and scary at the same time.

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