3 Month Old Kendall

The best thing about my blog is going back to see what Keagan and Nikki were doing at certain ages so I can compare to each other and Kendall.  That is my lone motivation to make new posts.  For the sake of future me.

So, Kendall is 3 months old now.  Here is what she can do...

  • Poop like crazy.  Oh my that child can poop.  She has these horrible accidents where the poop comes out all over.  It comes out the top of the diaper and invades her cute little belly button.  It squishes through the sides of the legs and onto her thighs.  Its super gross and happens a few times each week.  We thought maybe it was the diapers being too small, but no.  It's her.
  • Sleep through the night.  This one is a positive feature.  She has been sleeping in her crib for about 1 month now, and sleeping well.  She may way once in a while for a pacifier, but she will eat a lot from about 9-10:30, then sleep from then until about 7 or 8 am.  Awesome.  
  • Chew her fists.  She has accidentally grabbed some items, but not completely with the intention to eat it just yet.  But she is mighty close.  Instead, she chews her fists a lot.  Many times poking herself in the throat, thus inducing gag reflexes and coughs.
  • Smile.  She is a super-smiler.  Almost always happy.  She loves diaper changes and "chats" up a storm during them.  She also just likes to sit and smile.  Smile at mom.  Smile at dad.  Smile at Keagan. It's a happy time.
She also has a good deal of hair.  More than Keagan had, and Keagan had a decent amount.  It's much darker than Keagan's, too.

Kendall is great.  I'm really glad we have a second child.  I'm really glad Keagan loves her (and voluntarily announces it at least once a day).

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Julia said...

Liam is the anti-pooper. He poops like once a week and screams the whole time he goes (which ends up being like 3-4 times in a day when he does go). No real mess though luckily (although I personally have much more trouble with poop leaking out of disposables than out of the cloth diapers which is the opposite of the pee situation).