What's Next?

Today I finished a project. I made some shelving for my sewing room! I designed and planned out the shelves during the oh-so-engaging training sessions last week at work. Then Saturday Shannon and I piled 5 8'long pieces of wood into our car and came home. I cut them all (with the saw from Mom, sweet), sanded them, drilled them, and screwed it all together (with the help of my wonderful husband when I needed it).

Now I will stain it sometime, but it is currently in the room being used! It makes my sewing room more useable. Plus it was fun to make!


Tuba Queen said...

Oh how Stinking COOL!!!!

Irene said...

It looks really good with stuff on it too. so custom for whats on it. Good job Nicole. Next STAINED GLASS!

nettymus said...

Wow cool!!!