A Change in the Wind Says I

I just printed off a copy of my master report for someone besides me to proofread before I give it to my major professor to chew on. I printed all but the code, no one needs to proofread that. Included the code though, it is 76 pages long. I'm glad to be done writing and simulating. Now I just have to clean things up and make a presentation. Yay!

This is good because we have a start date for our jobs now, Monday June 16th. That is one month from tomorrow. Before that day, I will present my report, turn in a final copy, and buy a house.

Indeed the accepted our second offer. I am so excited. I really the like the house we are getting and the neighborhood and hopefully the new life as a whole! We are planning on closing on June 6th. Everything has been smooth so far, so we'll see what happens. Yay.

P.S. My aunt from NJ should be here soon. yay!

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