88 Years of Sparkle

This past weekend, Shannon and I went to Garden City for Grandma Fuller's 88th Birthday party. It was held in the dining room at Garden Valley, so you can guess who was present. If you said all her "dorm" buddies, you'd be right! It was quite cute. All of the elderly slowly flocking towards the center of the building for the party.

On the drive down, we stopped to take some pictures of a new lake! You'll notice that there is no lake just north east of Great Bend. But there it was, for over a complete mile and almost as far as you could see to the west, a lake. I guess it rained too much for Kansas to handle. It's crazy is what it is. We drove and saw it and were like "wow." There's not really much to say beside that.

But, Grandma's party was fun. We dressed up for a chicken-y ho-down afterwards.

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Tuba Queen said...

Thats pretty cool. Yeah even though KS was originaly underwater in the old days, its still not sure what to do with it.