Renaissance Festival Fun

Today Shannon, Michelle, Rhonda, Jenette, Chris, and I met up with Aaron and Stephanie in Kansas City for the Renaissance Festival. (You should probably open the page in Internet Explorer if your using a different browser.) This was opening weekend and Pirate Weekend. So Shannon, Michelle, Chris, Jenette, Me, and even Rhonda dressed up like our pirate selves again and drove to KC.

I have never been to a Ren Fest before. It was fun. It started out by us walking with bags of cans (bring 5, get one ticket free). We were walking to the enterance and some dressed up lady was yelling something. "Canned Oysters! Canned Oysters!" That's what I heard anyway. Then she yells, "Pirates! Canned Oysters!" We finally figure out she means, for us to bring our canned goods that way. We did and half of us got in for free.

We watched a joust. William was our knight. And this girl in the red with the red hair, really reminds me of Melissa Aprigliano, my cousin. Later on, we were sitting down chilling, and she was walking around. Stopped in front of Shannon. Had him stand up, and commented on how good his costume was and how he looked like he came straight out of "Madame Whats-her-name"'s something. Neat.

Everyone was in wonderful costume, accent, and attitude. It was a really good time. There was a lot to do and a lot to look at. It was well worth the money. I am glad we dressed up, even though our feet hurt pretty bad after 6 hours of walking around.

The guys threw axes. Jenette and I threw knives. It was really fun, and pretty easy. We each got 2 of the the 5 to stick. Shannon said you had to throw the axes really hard to make them spin enough and to stick into the word. It was pretty fun.

It was a lot of fun. I would love to sew some awesome dresses and where them next time. Perhaps next summer. Perhaps.


Irene said...

that sounds like so much fun. I wish I knew about it. I'd have loved to meet you too! Maybe next time. Glad you had such a good time & got to wear your costumes again.

The Math Ninja said...

actually, there has been talk of going back again. It's in KC until oct 15th i think. Then they have a Halloween thing from the 19th to the 31st. So if you really wanna go...