Well, yesterday was our last hockey game of the regular season. All we have left is 2 exhbition games and regionals. Up until last weekend he hadn't tied or won a single game. Got close a few times, and played better and better each weekend, but no wins or ties. Well, Saturday 2/11 versus SouthEast Missouri, we finally got a win! It was almost a shut-out, but SEMO scored one goal. WE did a good job and Truman's goalie came by and congratualted us and Josh (our goalie). In the game, the refs said one of our men covered the puck in the crease (which you can't do). So SEMO was allowed a penalty shot. We were really mad and worried. But Josh stopped it without any problems. So it was a pretty fun game.

If you want to come watch the K-State team, on Saturday 25 we are playing at 11pm in KC and then Sunday 26 in northern KC at 10am.

I have off today, and that is wonderful.


Maria said...

GOOD JOB GUYS! I SO PROUD! p.s. i told everyone i could find at the time :)

Irene said...

WOO HOO!! I'm so PROUD OF YOU! Great Job K state roller hockey!
ANNNDDD- remember Jayme & I are going to be in Manhattan on the 25th to see 42nd street with Maria, we can come to KC on SUNDAY AND SEE YOU PLAY!! I'm so excited. I'll tape it, I'll take pictures, I'll do the wabash! I make believe I'm Willie the wildcat, KKKK SSSS UUUU go state!