One of our students is really depressed and just came to our team around Thanksgiving. He has been doing no work and, just like a lump, sits there in class. Well we met with his mom and now I've been making an effort to notice him and be extra polite/nice. It's been working. He turned in everything I asked him for today and asked me about football on Tuesday and stuff like that. So today in CAT time (he's in my CAT), he comes up to ask me a question, and I forgot what it was. But he goes, "um, mom..." Then looked at me and started to laugh. It was pretty funny. I laughed for a while. It was nice to see him happy.

Then he's probably moving teams again...great...

Also, I went to a liquor store. Crazy. I had to get red wine and white wine for cooking. Hopefully what I got will work.

On to cooking and cleaning.

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Irene said...

There is something about you Nicole, that when people get to talk to you, see you laugh or just spend time with you, it makes them feel comfortable. You are a great person and your student realized it too. I love you bubbala.